Welcome Message

Greeting on the 95th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association

Atsushi OKAWA

Atsushi OKAWADear colleagues,
The 95th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association will be held at the Kobe Convention Center from May 19 to 22, 2022. The theme of this meeting is "Smart Medicine, Smart Orthopaedics-The Future of Orthopaedics".
The COVID-19 pandemic has spread around the world, undermining society, the economy and people's minds in unprecedented ways. In Japan as well, the increase in the number of infected people has greatly affected the medical system, making it impossible to provide conventional medical care, and the medical society has shrunk significantly. The only hope is the acquisition of herd immunity by vaccines, and as far as the preceding foreign infection sedation is seen, it seems that we can expect to get rid of the corona epidemic in 2022.
At the 95th Annual Scientific Meeting, I would like to aim to show the direction of future medical care and orthopaedics as the dawn of a new era of post-corona. First of all, it is important to reconfirm that we orthopaedic surgeons are the central players in extending healthy life expectancy in a super-aging society. I would like to make a lot of opportunities to enjoy face-to-face discussions on the results of new medical care systems and medical research, by the progression of intelligent hospital management and the development of medical robotics. Symposiums and educational training lectures will be prepared as the same content and number as before, but some of them will be available for both live and on-demand viewing. In addition, at the symposium, we will add keynote speeches by patients and propose a new style of discussing issues based on their experience. A number of large monitors will be installed in the poster exhibition hall to be shown as an e-poster with a size close to that of conventional paper with lively discussions.
We will continue to welcome overseas invitees and fellows, dispel the effects of pandemics involving the world, and create an opportunity to resume medical exchanges between Japan and overseas. We would like to regain the vitality of the members of the Orthopaedic Association by planning social events such as social gatherings and dinner parties. We hope that many members, residents, and students will come to Kobe.